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Cannaiola wine and chestnuts under the clock tower.

  • First week of November

S. Andrea

In the morning the fishermen gather in the main square and reach the collegiate church where they take the statue of the saint. There is a procession along the lakefront where an altar is set up for the celebration of the outdoor Mass. There is than the blessing of the lake to ask plentiful fishing and protection from dangers.

  • 30 th November

Scampanata della befana

The children are the protagonists who, with by rattles, bells and whistles, accompany the Befana through the streets of the town.

  • 5 th January

 Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate

St Antony is the protector of animals. These is one of the most ancient and widespread folk festivals throughout the province. In the village square a bonfire is lit and the local people bring their animals to be blessed by  the parish priest.

  • 17 thJanuary

San Biagio di Sebaste (Armenia)

San Biagio is one of the patron saints of Marta. This is a very important celebration for the local people, who make a solemn vow of gratitude to the Madonna and the patron saints for having escaped the devastating earthquake of 1703 that struck the whole of central Italy.

  • 3 th February

Festa della Madonna del Castagno

Protectress of the carters of the past, the drivers of today and childre who recive the first communion. Motorists participate in the traditional parade to the neighboring village of Capodimonte and back to the lakefront of Marta where they receive the blessing.

  • Last week of April

Festa della Madonna del Monte

The most important religious event of the year, also called “delle Passate”, to celebrate the ancient popular vernal rites of offerings to mother Earth. The sacred and profane peacefully coexist, being Maia, Cerere, and Feronia three Etruscan goddesses related to the rites of fertility, abundance, harvesting and the cycle of the seasons. At dawn, the roll of drums, the bells, the fire-crackers, the reapers choir start the celebrations. A peculiar historical parade walks from the shores of the lake up to the Sanctuary of Madonna del Monte where wheat, fruits, vegetables, olives are offered to the Madonna. A profusion of colours, scents and sounds make this a very special day.

  • 14 th May

 Sagra del lattarino

Invented in 1976 by a group of fishermen and local people with the aim of enhancing the lake fish and offering an opportunity to make known to a wider audience the gastronomy and local beauties. Started with enthusiasm and few resources, in a short time it has become a popular event throughout the province.

  • First days of June

S. Marta di Betania                                                                                                                                                                     

Patroness of the village and celebrated for centuries as witnessed in the municipal historical registers. On the night of the eve the evocative procession takes place on a boat that, starting from the embankment of the river runs up to the small village of fishermen, accompanied by a procession of boats that will continue on foot through the streets of the village.

  • 29 th July

Festa del pescatore 

Gastronomic event, started in 1998. It aims to enhance the lake fish through traditional recipes that exalt its characteristics and flavor.

  • Mid august

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